7 Design tips for your social media page design

How to create a social media page design?

Companies know from the get-go that social media represent an essential part of their marketing plan. You have to think of how your pages are going to be designed and using the right content which acts as a billboard to communicate your brand in the most efficient way. keep this in mind: Your content must be in harmony and eye-catching.


Let’s take a look at some tips to design the best social media page for your company.

1. Sizes matter, especially with pixels

Life would have been much easier if only one social media existed. Unfortunately, there are dozens and each one comes with it’s own parameters for users and designers to abide by. Photos dimensions vary according to where and how it is shared, from cover photos, to timeline images to profile picture.


Social Media Image Sizes 


Facebook: 852 x 315 cover photo; 180 x 180 profile picture


Instagram: 1080 x 1080 feed photos; 152 x 152 profile picture; 1080 x 1920 stories


Youtube: 2560 x 1440 cover photo; 800 x 800 channel icon


Twitter: 1252 x 626 cover photo, 73 x 73 profile picture, 1600 × 1200 background image


Linkedin: 646 x 220 banner image, 100 x 60 company profile picture

2. Make it creative and visually engaging
The purpose of your social media page is to engage with their target audience and get them to interact and share its content. Pages with attractive content and visuals are much more likely to be shared. Work on your designs, analyze your audience, benchmark to know more about what people on the social media like and share. Exercise creative freedom in your designs, while making sure that your visuals are consistent with the company branding and are showcasing their products and community.
3. Make your design visually consistent

Being present on different social media help you establish a strong brand identity through your different profiles and pages. If each of your profiles is designed differently and looks like it’s owned by a different company, it will create a disconnect for your users. Your consistent design will make people immediately recognize your company no matter which site or app they are using.

4. Choose a color palette

Try to use a color scheme across all social media channels. You don’t have to stop at the logo, include your color palette in the posts you share. Associate those colors with your brand.

5. Showcase the company’s branding, products, and community

As social media user, you already know that pages visuals consist mainly of the profile and cover images, in some cases you can also have backgrounds. Your logo is typically displayed in the profile picture, while the cover and the background can feature different types of images, depending on your product, events or many other aspects.  For example, you can showcase your different products and services, promote a campaign, make it more human and display your team; in Facebook, for example, you can add a cover video that represents your company. It’s always a good idea to consistently update the visuals on your company’s social media pages to keep things fresh and interesting for the target audience. For example, SHAPE’s cover image is updated to showcase what’s new in our agency: project, website, new article…

6. Create your designs in RGB color mode

Your social media page designs are only going to be displayed on the screen, so you can forget about CMYK here.

7. Devote more space to images than to text

The brain processes images thousands of times faster than it processes text, and image-based content (especially photos of people) is proven to generate more shares on social re-tweets, Facebook shares and other types of engagement than text alone. Facebook actually used to have a rule that cover photos could not have more than 20% text. Even though the rule is no longer enforced, it’s not a bad number to keep in mind when designing your cover image. Keep the content image-based, with less text.


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