What makes your brand stand out is your story and how it’s presented in the digital space.

To a new digital era of marketing
Digital platforms at the heart of customers decisions

In a connected world with many online touchpoints, most decisions are made after experiencing your brand in the digital space, whether via your website, your app, your social media accounts or client’s reviews.

Nowadays it’s becoming difficult to stand out and attract new customers based on a traditional approach of marketing. The information is becoming more and more accessible and available over the internet. Before buying a product or calling for a service, people make their decision based on the digital presence of the brand. Customer’s behaviours make brands work more on their digital image and ensure the positive impact of their digital presence on the product or service.

Digital branding is about establishing your presence on digital platforms to create a connection between your brand and your audience. To make this connection strong and lasting, you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors, using unique stories and propositions, and market your talent and expertise.

Digital branding process

Good social media management can make or break a business. As one of the most efficient tools to express your brand’s mission and values. It brings you closer to your customers and helps your word reach new audiences.

We aim to provide a personalized experience to your followers by implementing the proper strategies for your brand. Based on your business and marketing goals, we pick the most suitable networks for you. We ensure that your social media voice reflects your brand’s culture and personality. All our shared content is directly inspired from your audience’s interests.

We aspire to create adapted experiences through social media.


Our objective is to create intuitive and easy-to-use, user-centered experience design, highly functional and fully optimized designs for desktop and mobile.

We will carefully design and arrange each element in your website:

User Experience (UX) Design, information architecture & wireframing, complete images / photography redesign and editing, website development and analytic implementation to monitor the visitor behaviors and the conversions funnels.

Your audience at the center of our reflexion

At SHAPE, we collaborate and guide you to build a successful digital brand. We put your audience at the center of our reflexion. We work on your digital brand identity and voice that reflects your personality.

Our objective is to create intuitive, fully optimized and responsive websites that represents perfectly your brand image, and fully manage your social media by implementing the proper strategies for your brand to provide a personalized experience to your followers.

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