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History Shape

SHAPE, a 5-years experience that helped shape and reflect the world through design and innovation.

Environmental beginnings

The SHAPE Entrepreneurial Adventure began in 2012. It was born out of a desire to improve people’s daily lives, a passion for innovative technologies and a desire to work directly with customers in a vision of ” Positive impact on society”.

Between 2012 and 2014, SHAPE was exclusively an environmental design agency, notably for the development of professional spaces such as Peugeot (showroom), Citroën (showrooms), Ali’n Productions, Young & Rubicam, Tribumode (studio) PLUGIN Or Alfa 55 (blinds / retail).

See our environmental branding references

From environmental to global design

First re-positioning

We made our first re-positioning as a GLOBAL DESIGN AGENCY in 2014, in addition to environmental design, we included graphic design and event scenography as main services.
With the development of our activity, we get more involved in different projects we work on and partner with clients from different fields. We believe in the importance of homogeneity and transdisciplinarity to provide a global, efficient and coherent solution to our partners, on a graphic or environmental level. We work and link different disciplines to brace our partner’s vision.
From reflection to realization, SHAPE counts among its customers Mcdonald’s, Harley Davidson, Lizarran restaurant, Anfa place, CBRE and Livre moi.

See our visual branding references
Focusing on experiences

Through transdisciplinarity and our design thinking expertise, we went beyond the object, the aesthetics or the service to focus on the experience. Our new brand statement, adopted in 2014, comes as a result of an important study and reflection, and reflects our process based on design thinking and creating connected experiences that blur the boundaries between the physical and digital, and shape an era of ubiquitous computing.


Today, SHAPE is repositioning to build up its vision and objectives.

SHAPE has become a strategic consultancy agency in global design. We, now, collaborate with different partners to anticipate the future, evolve their organizations and advance the human experience. We create a long term consistent impact by designing solutions and experiences.
We use design, technology and strategy to improve people’s lives and allow businesses to grow and create solutions that have an important impact on both.

SHAPE actively involve in social innovation through an educational blog named SHAKL, which aims to vulgarize design’s culture. We are also involved in associative projects such as HOUNA, project incubator, as a partner and sponsor.

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