We love design.
We are the people driven by a desire for constant change and positive transformation on our stakeholders (customers, employees and partners and society as a whole).
We place the human at the center of our thinking. We believe that the visual and material environment’s design has a great impact on the experiences we have, whether in a private, public, personal or professional sphere. The constructive thought process around this design is therefore essential to ensure the long-term well-being of our customers. We therefore consider design as a tool for transformation and impact, through new, innovative and sustainable solutions.
As a result, we are interested in all the disciplines that can make us think differently and innovatively about our environments.
We are curious and optimistic in our sector. We are on the lookout for news and discoveries related to the fields of technology, science, philosophy, psychology, well-being or art.

We are passionate and ambitious young designers from different disciplines, cultures, and backgrounds.

Team of SHAPE casablanca morocco

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Team of SHAPE casablanca morocco

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